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FREE to collector - 61 note manual console and not ideal 25 note pedals

Started by David Pinnegar, October 06, 2010, 06:40:01 PM

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David Pinnegar


A console ripe for midi conversion has just arrived in my barn and is offered free to anyone who would like it.

61 note manuals, 25 note pedalboard, not ideal but usable

With it comes a two channel valve amplifier with good enough transformers for good bass, the normal downfall of valve amps.

Best wishes

David P


or even of use to someone who would like a Valve Hammond Drawbar Organ !
( ok so I know it isn't a B3 or C3 but even so ...... ).

regards Peter B

Quote from: David Pinnegar on October 06, 2010, 06:40:01 PM

A console ripe for midi conversion has just arrived in my barn and is offered free to anyone who would like it.

61 note manuals, 25 note pedalboard, not ideal but usable


Hi David

Is the Hammond defunked?

The only reason I ask is that I am about to put on ebay a Hammond L122 with Lesley, which does need a little work and I am wondering if these organs fetch any money at all, or am I better off disposing of it?

Surely if it is working a Hammond with a 25 note pedal board would be worth something to someone (I also hope that I do not insult you and your generosity in offering this organ for free!)

The spring reverb has just stopped working on mine and one key has broken away, so maybe I should restore her instead of selling (My wife is reaching her toleration levels with regards to the number of keyed instruments now in our house, so it may be a problem)

A 2 manual + 30 note pedal, pipe organ in the spare room
A L122 Hammond with Lesley in the front room (should be a dining room!)
A Roland RD170 in the lounge
And 6 other keyboards littered around the house
Oh and the garage has another four ranks of pipes taking up the space where her car should go!

Love is strong and forgiving!

Dubois is driving me mad! must practice practice practice

David Pinnegar

Hi Marc and Peter

I bought it for a small school chapel, and it was OKish but had occasional outbreaks of mains hum with a loose connexion. So I replaced it with a small Viscount digital instrument and the Hammond was left in the music department. There, children abused it probably by switching it on and off rapidly and the self start doesn't work. It might only be a problem with a capacitor.  . .  We plugged it in today and as long as you turn the spindle slightly, it accelerates up to speed from there.

I paid £50 for it but don't expect to receive anything for it. Whoever can collect it first has it . . . !

Marc - oh dear I think we suffer the same affliction.

It gives a good punchy sound. Not at all as refined as the 1937 Hammond E but it's a typical Hammond sound with good vibrato, chorus and spring reverb. THere's mains hum on the reverb which is probably on account of a loose connection. The percussion effects don't work, no doubt for the same reason.

However, with 61 note manuals, it's a console capable of serious playing and the light waterfall keys are a joy to glissando with . . . !

Best wishes

David P



The L122 may be worth putting on E-bay - it has most of the typical Hammond characteristics and with a Leslie may generate enough interest to make it worthwhile.  It seems to me that, in the UK at least, it's only vintage Hammonds that are making any money.  I'd love to have both - but I really don't have the space (but I suppose I could store one of my other keyboards) or cash.

Every Blessing