Author Topic: Three manual Taylor pipe organ for sale.  (Read 6786 times)

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Three manual Taylor pipe organ for sale.
« on: June 08, 2010, 10:08:23 AM »
We need to sell a high quality three manual tracker action organ by Stephen Taylor dating from 1886 which is perfect for playing and in almost original condition with BIOS Historical Organ Certificate (II*), it is free-standing and currently installed in the church's west gallery being replaced by a digital model.
Relocation enables essential repair comprising re-leathering bellows, restoration of soundboards, cleaning of pipes and refurbishment of action.
Current insured replacement value £400,000. Offers invited in the region of £5,000.  Additional costs of removal, transport, repair, re-erection and insurance would be for the purchaser to pay themselves.

The Taylor organ is of significant musical worth.  Its main chorus is superb and rings around the church with vigour.  Its flutes are delightful and its reeds distinguished (the reeds were revoiced with harmonic trebles when the organ was cleaned and the action restored by J W Walker in 1964).  It possesses that renowned Taylor stop, the superb wooden Pedal 16ft Violone, based on the work of Schulze.  Two modern ranks on the Choir Organ (Nazard and Larigot) are alien to the tonal and physical nature of the organ, being made in a 1970s neo-baroque manner, and could with advantage be replaced by the original Choir Open Diapason and Clarinet (which are stored under the bellows). One set of stop-knobs has had poor replacement stop-labels; the remainder are original.
The Taylor organ is of significant historic worth.  To elaborate on this: the Leicester firm of Taylor existed for about a century after its founding by Stephen Taylor in 1866; he was still at the helm when the Emmanuel organ was built in 1886.  The organ – unusually – remains in almost original condition.  Many of his firm’s organs – and they are mainly found in Leicestershire – have been altered beyond recognition, electrified, moved or scrapped. 


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Re: Three manual Taylor pipe organ for sale.
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2010, 05:33:21 AM »
Here's hoping it can find a new home, ideally not too far from its present home... or, even better, that its present home forgets their ridiculous toaster idea, recognises the worth of their pipe organ and have it restored! Idiots...


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